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Jenkins Plugin management guide

By monitoring plugin versions and comparing the configuration of your instance to plugins identified by CloudBees as verified, trusted, or unverified, Beekeeper provides "envelope enforcement" to provide stability and security to CloudBees Core, CloudBees Jenkins Distribution, and CloudBees Jenkins Platform.

Jenkins Pipeline user guide

Jenkins Pipeline is a suite of plugins which supports implementing and integrating continuous delivery pipelines into Jenkins. Understand how to define and administer pipelines for CloudBees Core, CloudBees Jenkins Distribution, and CloudBees Jenkins Platform.

CloudBees Accelerator quick start guide

Learn about installation prerequisites for CloudBees Accelerator, how to install, and how to run your first build.

Release notes have moved!

Release notes are now part of the CloudBees documentation site. Look for layout improvements in future releases.

CloudBees product documentation

CloudBees Core

CloudBees Core is an end-to-end continuous software delivery system. It offers stable releases with monthly updates, as well as additional proprietary tools and enterprise features to enhance the manageability and security of Jenkins.

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CloudBees DevOptics

CloudBees DevOptics is visibility and insight to measure, manage and optimize your software delivery.

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CloudBees CodeShip

Ship faster with CI/CD as a Service. No more waiting for builds to start when speed and reliability are critical. Flexible, simple CI/CD for small and growing teams.

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CloudBees Jenkins Distribution

CloudBees Jenkins Distribution provides development teams with a highly dependable, secure Jenkins environment curated from the most recent supported Jenkins release.

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CloudBees Flow

CloudBees Flow is an Adaptive Release Orchestration platform, now available as enterprise SaaS or on-premises, that lets teams implement fast and adapt easily, with unprecedented insight and control of all types of releases – at any scale.

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CloudBees Accelerator

Reduce cycle time and iterate faster with fault-tolerant workload distribution. Smart load balancing ensures optimal use of cores across the cluster. Dynamic resource provisioning provides instantaneous scale up/down.

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CloudBees Rollout

Accelerate your development speed and reduce risk by decoupling feature deployment from code releases. Control every change in your app in real-time while measuring the business and technical impact.

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CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution

CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution provides a stable, predictable release line for teams building cloud native Kubernetes-based applications with Jenkins X. It comes battle tested and ready for production workloads with support and documentation vetted by CloudBees. As Jenkins X rapidly evolves, so will CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution with stability and reliability in the forefront.

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CloudBees SDM

CloudBees SDM provides a comprehensive view of what is happening in your software delivery lifecycle. With CloudBees SDM, you can define products and correlate activity from your teams, value streams, GitHub repositories, Jenkins jobs, and other sources to view actionable and relevant details of your teams' contributions.

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CloudBees support center

Need more information? Access additional resources and product help from CloudBees support