Uninstalling CloudBees CI FAQ

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Q. How do I uninstall CloudBees CI?

A. The instructions for uninstallation vary depending on how you installed, and what functionality you wish to have remaining after uninstallation.

  • If you downloaded a CloudBees CI WAR, you will need to replace that jenkins.war with the nearest equivalent Jenkins LTS WAR file.

  • If you used one of the CloudBees CI package installers (e.g. RPM, DEB, MSI), you will need to switch to the corresponding Jenkins LTS package installer and potentially [change the update sources from which the native package installer pulls updates (primarily for the RPM and DEB installers)

The reason for the above, is that CloudBees CI includes all the bundled plugins, and so if you remove any of the bundled plugins, they will be re-extracted every time your controller is started, so you will find yourself unable to uninstall the licensed components.

When you start CloudBees CI with an expired license you will see the following screen:

To uninstall CloudBees CI you need to select the “Register later” option.

This screen may display a number of plugins prompting the display of the registration screen:

  1. The CloudBees License Manager is always present. If you click on the remove button for the CloudBees License Manager you will completely remove all CloudBees CI licensed features.

    1. The CloudBees CI License Entitlement Check is present when you have CloudBees CI features in your Jenkins. If you click on the remove button for the CloudBees CI License Entitlement Check you will completely remove all CloudBees CI licensed features but retain the licensing features needed to support plugins that do not require a CloudBees CI license.

If you see error messages like “Failed Loading plugin xyz” during the bootup citing missing dependencies to cloudbees-license, you can also delete them from your JENKINS_HOME/plugins directory.

Q. I have uninstalled CloudBees CI, can I keep folders?

A. Yes; the CloudBees Folders plugin is open source, so your folders will remain. The CloudBees Folders Plus plugin is not, so any special customizations of folders (custom icon, environment variables, restricted children types, etc.) will be lost.

Q. What happens to Templates when I uninstall

A. Job and Folder templates will revert to standard Jobs and Folders (as the regular config.xml is generated for these jobs by the template plugin)

Build step and auxiliary templates will fail to load.