What information do I supply when opening a case?

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You are our greatest asset when troubleshooting issues. In order for CloudBees to understand and resolve your support requests quickly and accurately, it is important that you gather information about your question or problem so that you have it on hand to discuss with your support engineer.

When you contact technical support, please provide the following information:

  • Explanation of the problem and symptoms

  • Background information such as software version, latest upgrades, recent changes to the system, and any message or significant information when the problem occurs

  • Relevant diagnostic information (support bundle, thread dumps, traces, logs, etc.)

Your CloudBees support engineer can work more effectively with your organization by collaborating with a regular set of developers or configuration managers. Large enterprises might have multiple individuals in this role, while smaller businesses might only have one. Whoever is responsible for submitting support requests and working with CloudBees support engineers should be familiar with the tools available to ensure the collaboration is time well spent.