KBEA-00008 - Common reasons for build failures

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Builds are failing, and you are looking for an explanation. The following is a list of common reasons for failed builds that Electric Cloud has seen in the past.



  1. When you see a timed out build, check here for more information.

  2. Under ClearCase there may be a build that requires file writes to fail on a read-only file system. Check this article for more information.

  3. If you are seeing broken builds due to missing files, look here for more information.

  4. Builds may fail due to globbing.

  5. Builds may fail due the the sub make problem.


  1. You are running multiple builds in parallel from the same Electric Make (eMake) machine. As long as those builds do not register dlls or typelibs, or do anything with the registry, that should be fine. If they do, your builds are likely to fail without eMake as well, so this is not a good practice.

  2. You may have previously run local builds on agent machines. This may have created registry keys on the agents that now confuse the builds. Virtualized local registry keys have a higher priority than keys on the eMake machine (this is called the registry underlay behavior). Check the agent machines that express this behavior and remove unwanted local keys.

  3. Especially under Windows, it is important that agent machines are identical (same OS, service pack, hot fixes, and even settings for features such as the language bar).

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