KBEA-00019 - Fixing Agents that do not reregister with the Cluster Manager

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The agent is upgraded or installed and appears to run. However, the Cluster Manager does not list the agent.


Look at the agent logs (/var/log/ecagent*.log on Solaris, /var/log/ecagent*.log on Linux, c:\ECloud\ecagent*.log on Windows) and check at the bottom for any connection errors. Common errors are:

  • Unable to resolve the name through DNS. Enter the IP address for the Cluster Manager instead using ecconfig.

  • The Cluster Manager name is mistyped. Fix the Cluster Manager name using ecconfig.

  • The Agent or the Cluster Manager has a firewall that limits access to port 80 and other ports required by ElectricAccelerator. Set the firewall to allow the agent process to access any port.


Running ecconfig as root/Administrator:

> ecconfig
Cluster Manager     = lonestar-cm:8030
Number of Agents    = 2
Is LSF Host         = n
Secure Console Port = n
Agent Temp Dir      = /tmp
> ecconfig \-cm mycm:8030

Applies to

  • Product versions: 4.x and later

  • OS versions: All