KBEA-00023 - Changing the number of Agents on a host

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You want to increase or decrease the number of agents on a host.


On the agent, use the ecconfig application in the regular install directory (//bin). Call it with the -numagents option to change the number of agents, for example:

> C:/ECloud/i686_win32/bin/ecconfig -numagents 5

This changes the number of agents on the local machine.

Restart agents using this command:

> C:/ECloud/i686_win32/bin/ecagent_restart

This restarts the agents with their new quantity.

It is important to use the ecconfig application because there are additional operations that need to be performed to set up the agents. You can also use the clusterexec command to change the setting on a number of machines at the same time.

> clusterexec --cm= "c:/ECloud/i686_win32/bin/ecconfig.bat -numagents 5; restartAgent"


On Windows it is important to properly set the user that owns the agent processes after increasing the agent count. Set up additional users using the ecadduser application, or use existing users with Administrator rights.

Use the ecconfig command to set up proper matching between users and agents.

> ecconfig -agentusers "username1/password1 username2/password2 ... usernameN/passwordN"


> ecconfig -agentuser "2 username2/password2"

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