KBEA-00024 - Fixing the Mount set couldn’t create directory path - Permission denied (error code 0xd) error

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You just added /some/new/path to my EMAKE_ROOT, and now the agent says, Mount::set couldn’t create directory /some/new/path: Permission denied (error code 0xd)!


Check if /some/new/path refers to an NFS-mounted location. If so, then this error message indicates that the agent (which requires root access to all filesystems for precisely this reason) does not have root-level access to that NFS-mounted location, and consequently is unable to create the directories that it requires to mount the EFS.

For example, /some/new may be the NFS volume, and the directory /some/new/path may not be visible on the node for some reason. When the agent attempts to create /some/new/path, it is prohibited from doing so because it does not have root-level access on the server supplying /some/new to the node.

There are three possible solutions, presented in order of least-to-most invasive to your setup:

  • Promote your EMAKE_ROOT to a location further up the directory tree. Even though /some/new is an NFS mount, there must be some component of the path that actually refers to the local filesystem on the node, to which the agent does have root access. For example, try using /some/new or just /some in place of /some/new/path.

  • Ensure that /some/new/path already exists on the NFS mount and is visible to all the nodes. This may be as simple as creating the directory - or figuring out why this path, which exists on your emake machine, seems not to exist on the node.

  • Grant each node in the cluster root access to the NFS mount. This requires reconfiguring the NFS server to specify that the nodes have "root equivalence" for the mountpoint.

Applies to

  • Product versions: All

  • OS versions: Linux, Solaris