KBEA-00026 - Changing the location of the diskcache directory

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The default location of the diskcache directory is whatever the system temp directory is. This is usually /tmp on Unix and whatever $TEMP is on Windows.You want the diskcache to use a different location.


Use "ecconfig -tempdir " to change the location of both the diskcache and the temp directory.

If for some reason you only want to change the diskcache directory then

In <install location ><arch>/bin/rundiskcache, find the line:

diskcacheman directory $::opts(tempdir)

And change the $::opts(tempdir) to a full path of where you want the new location to be.


"diskcacheman directory c:/foo/bar" causes the diskcache to put its files in the folder c:/foo/bar on Windows.

"diskcacheman directory /var/tmp" puts files in /var/tmp on Unix.

Applies to

  • Product versions: 4.2 and later

  • OS versions: All