KBEA-00027 - Enabling diskcache logging

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The agent and diskcache both have their own log files. By default, the diskcache logging is not very informative; the logging level must be changed manually to get useful logging.


Use the agent console to send a command to the diskcache to tell it to do full logging. Connect to an agent console and issue the following command:

diskcache servereval {diskcacheman loglevel all}

Note that you only need to do this once per agent node because there is only one diskcache per node. Issuing this command on any available agent console is fine, because all agents on the node talk to the same diskcache.


On Windows:

c:\> telnet localhost 2419
% diskcache servereval {diskcacheman loglevel all}
% quit

On Unix:

$ telnet localhost 2409
% diskcache servereval {diskcacheman loglevel all}
% quit

To turn logging back to normal levels, do

diskcache servereval {diskcacheman loglevel info}

Applies to

  • Product versions: 4.2 and later

  • OS versions: All