KBEA-00060 - Setting project dependencies in Visual Studio

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Dependencies may not work correctly in Visual Studio, or the emake build order may be different than Visual Studio (older plugin versions).


When saving a VS project as a different name, the project GUID is not regenerated. The project GUID is the index by which VS defines dependencies. i.e. if there are duplicate project GUIDs in a solution, you may set dependencies for the last duplicate only.

  1. Determine the duplicate projects. You can set ECADDIN_DEBUG=1 and run a build. The debug log will show each duplicate project ID. e.g. Warning: Duplicate ProjectGUID ().

  2. In VS, open the solution and remove the projects identified in Step 1 and save.

  3. Open each of the projects removed in Step 2 in wordpad and delete the ProjectGUID line. Save and close.

  4. In VS, open the solution and re-add the projects removed in Step 2. Save All. (This will generate a new ProjectGUID.)

You will now be able to set dependencies correctly for all projects in your solution.

Applies to

  • Product versions: All

  • OS versions: Windows