KBEA-00075 - Change the timezone displayed in ElectricAccelerator Web Server pages

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The ElectricAccelerator Cluster Manager stores all times internally, using UTC (also known as Zulu time.) The ElectricAccelerator Web Server translates the time to the local time zone based on the time zone settings in the operating system of the machine where the Web Server is running.

There is a known flaw in the interaction of PHP with Windows, in that it does not handle certain operating system time zones correctly. If the Web Server is running on a machine that is set for one of these time zones, users connected to that Web Server will see all times displayed as UTC times, instead of in the Web Server’s time zone.


You can set the timezone you preferred to display by setting timezone in the file /apache/htdocs/accelerator/startup.php. The new timezone is effective after restarting the apache web server on Cluster Manager.


Please go to this file: /apache/htdocs/accelerator/startup.php and modify the line that looks like this:


To instead look like this:


Then restart your web-server again and see if the new timezone is desired.

See Also

For a complete "List of Supported Timezones", see https://us2.php.net/manual/en/timezones.php

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