KBEA-00077 - Running multiple versions of Cygwin on a cluster

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Builds require different versions of Cygwin.


It is necessary to use the resources feature in the Cluster Manager to create separate 'slices' of the cluster for each version of Cygwin. For example, if you had:

Host1 : agent1, agent2, agent3      <- Cygwin 1.5.25
Host2 : agent1, agent2, agent3      <- Cygwin 1.7.7

You would create two resources (you can configure these in the Cluster Manager):

Resource_cygwin_1_5_25 : Host1
Resource_cygwin_1_7_7 : Host2

Then when running a build that uses, for example, 1.5.25, you would specify the following additional eMake parameter:


Note that this technique does not require building separate clusters for each version of Cygwin.

Applies to

  • OS versions: Windows