KBEA-00082 - Builds submitted with the same LSF resource query string do not share agents

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Using LSF integration, you submit two builds with the same LSF resource query string (the same CPU arch OS …​), but the builds do not appear to share the started agents and they act as totally different builds with two separate resources. In the UI, you can identify the issue by hovering the cursor over the Builds page agent bars and seeing a different "Allocated" number for these two builds. If they are on the same resource, the "Allocated" value for both builds would be the same and they would share the agents fairly.


The problem exists at the resource string content. For example, if the LSF query condition is CPU > 8 and OS = windows:

User1 may put --emake-resource="cpu>8&&OS==windows" while User2 may put --emake-resource="OS==windows&&cpu>8" (which is the same resource defined in a different order).

To the Cluster Manager, these are treated as two different resources, but they are the same in LSF.

The solution is to have a standard way to construct this resource string.

Applies to

  • Product versions: 4.3+

  • OS versions: Any