KBEA-00086 - Android build fails with "No rule to make target …​"

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The publicly-available Android distribution (AOSP - Android Open Source Project) has been successfully built with ElectricAccelerator.

Using ElectricAccelerator v5.1 with Eclair, you must make one makefile change.


If you see the following error when running eMake:

make: *** No rule to make target `out/target/common/obj/APPS/ SignatureTest_intermediates/genres/raw/fake_resource_check', needed by `out/target/common/obj/APPS/SignatureTest_intermediates/src/R.stamp'.

Add the following target to cts/tests/SignatureTest/Android.mk and Android will build with ElectricAccelerator.

    if [ ! -f $(fake_resource_check) ]; then \
         mkdir -p $(dir $(fake_resource_check)); \
         touch $(fake_resource_check); \