KBEA-00090 - Monitoring agent side file operations on Windows

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Procmon may not work or it may cause an unexpected slowdown. Use electrifymon to log agent-side file operations; it is lightweight.


An instance occurred where procmon always disappeared after a short period of time. Even when procmon worked, it slowed down the agent machine considerably and resulted in a large amount of data. You can use electrifymon to inject a dll into the agent and its child process to log the file operations.

To activate it, add a registry string value under key:


name: prefix value: c:\ECloud\i686_win32\bin\electrifymon.exe --electrify-log=c:\electrify.log --electrify-localfile=y

On 64-bit Windows, it is c:\ECloud\i686_win32\64\bin\electrifymon.exe.

Then c:\electrify.log will contain the file operations, file name, and the process command line that did the operations.

Applies to

  • Product versions: 5.4.2 and later

  • OS versions: Windows