KBEA-00099 - ElectricAccelerator components fail to install or start up on Linux

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When installing ElectricAccelerator Cluster Manager or Agents on a Linux system, you notice that the components you are installing fail to install or fail to run after installation.


On some versions of Linux (especially RHEL6), SELinux is automatically enabled. SELinux can cause some Accelerator components to not function properly. You should see the following message during Accelerator installation on an SELinux-enabled system: Please disable SELinux on this machine, as it interferes with the Accelerator product.

If SELinux is enabled, you will see the following entry in /etc/selinux/config:


To disable SELinux, edit the line in /etc/selinux/config to:


Then restart the Agent machine.

Applies to

  • Product versions: All

  • OS versions: Linux