KBEA-00101 - Using the ECLOUD_ICONV_LOCALE environment variable

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The ECLOUD_ICONV_LOCALE environment variable allows you to set the iconv locale.

If you receive an emake assertion failure that contains information similar to:

    emake: ../util/StringUtilities.h:406: std::string to_utf8(const std::string&): Assertion `c != iconv_t(-1)' failed.

this could mean that:

  • your system is missing an internationalization package, or

  • the locale package has a different name for ISO 8859-1. (This particular issue is due to the conversion between 8-bit strings and UTF-8.)


Use iconv -l to list the available locales. Set the ECLOUD_ICONV_LOCALE environment variable to a valid locale of your choice.


Your system recognizes "ISO8859-1", "ISO_8859-1", and "ISO-8859-1" only. Set ECLOUD_ICONV_LOCALE to one of those valid locale names.

Applies to

  • Product versions: 5.4 and later

  • OS versions: All