KBEA-00107 - Using the ecdevenv.exe utility

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Incremental Visual Studio builds under ElectricAccelerator have a long parse time before the build commences.

Accelerator uses a Visual Studio add-in (Solution Support Add-in) to convert solutions and projects into NMAKE format, which enables eMake to parallelize the build. This process can take several minutes for large solutions.


Accelerator provides the ecdevenv.exe utility to bypass parsing the solution if the NMAKE makefiles have already been created. If the solution, projects, environment, or command-line have changed since the last parse, devenv is called to regenerate the makefiles. If nothing has changed, eMake is called on the previously generated makefiles.

ecdevenv.exe creates a file, <solution >.last_build, which contains details about the solution, projects, environment, and command-line at the time of the last build. Deleting this file forces ecdevenv to call devenv to regenerate the makefiles.

ecdevenv.exe is in the Electric Cloud bin directory (C:\ECloud\i686_win32\bin).

To use ecdevenv, simply replace existing devenv.exe / devenv.com calls with ecdevenv.

The Visual Studio IDE Add-in calls ecdevenv when Always Rescan Solution is set to No.

To debug ecdevenv, set ECDEVENV_DEBUG to turn debugging on and send debug to stdout, or set ECDEVENV_DEBUG_LOG to send debug to a file.

Applies to

  • Product versions: 3.0 and later

  • OS versions: Windows