KBEA-00111 - An unavailable application causes build failures

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A build fails because an application created during the build is unavailable later in the build. For example:

The postbuild target may fail because the step ran before foo.exe was available. Extensions .bat and .com suffer the same issue.


The failure occurs because cmd does not find foo.exe and therefore does not record the dependency between postbuild and foo.exe.

There are three solutions:

  1. Specify the extension when using the application, for example: foo.exe, foo.com, foo.bat. (Recommended)

  2. Run a single-agent build, so eMake executes the jobs in serial order.

  3. Run an incremental build after foo.exe has been created.

In subsequent full, multi-agent builds, solutions 2 and 3 will succeed only if the previous history file is used.

Applies to

  • Product versions: All

  • OS versions: Windows