KBEA-00128 - Large annotation file crashes ElectricInsight

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A very large annotation file was generated, for example, using --emake-annodetail=lookup. The annotation file is about 9 GB. Trying to load the annotation file into ElectricInsight 3.2 causes Insight to crash.


Starting with v5.0 of ElectricInsight, a 64-bit version has become available to avoid this problem.

ElectricInsight was originally only a 32-bit application that could experience this limitation, particularly with "lookup" annotation detail enabled on larger builds, as this may cause there to simply be too much data for Insight to process.

If you don’t have the 64-bit version of Insight available, you might either rerun the build with a lower level of annotation detail, or you might try to strip the lookup operations out of the annotation file that you have using this: ` grep -v 'type="lookup"' `.xml > no_lookups.xml

You should be able to load the resulting annotation file into Insight. Note as well that lookup-level annotation has a noticeable impact on build performance, so unless you have a specific reason to enable it, you should probably not have 'lookup' enabled by default.

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  • Product versions: ElectricInsight