KBEA-00139 - The Cluster Manager will not start due to an error message - A signature was found…​

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The Cluster Manager will not start because of the following error message:

A signature was found in "C:\wrapper-windows-x86-32-3.5.7-pro\bin\wrapper.exe", but checksum failed: (Errorcode: 0x800b010a)

The error message’s full text in the ElectricAcceleratorCMService.log:


Starting with Wrapper version 3.5.7, all Windows binaries (i.e., wrapper.exe, wrapperW.exe, and wrapper.dll) of all Wrapper Editions (Community, Standard, Professional) are using codesigning to verify the origin of the file from being from Tanuki Software. If any problem was detected, the Wrapper will shut down.

The above error occurred due to the counter-signer of our signature - Comodo’s UTN-USERFirst-Object. The installed certificates can be investigated from the Windows Certificate Manager certmgr.msc. The UTN-USERFirst-Object Certificate should be present in the "Third Parties Root Certification Authorities\Certificates". If not, their root certificate can be downloaded from here:

If it is present, this might mean the Local Security Policy of the server is too tight to allow the certificate to be verified. This settings can be found in the Local Security Policy of the server, "Public Key Policies"\"Certificate Path Validation Settings", and allows for the Root Certificate Store "Third-Party Root CAs and Enterprise Root CAs". If this doesn’t/can’t be set to active, another option would be to move the "UTN-USERFirst-Object Certificate" from the "Third Party Root CA" folder to the "Trusted Root Certificate Authorities" folder.

In Wrapper version 3.5.8, the Wrapper will only shutdown if the reason, the signature wasn’t verified, was caused directly by the Wrapper, and not due to the counter-signer.

In Wrapper version 3.5.7, there was a bug potentially causing an access violation, when the Signature verification failed and the Wrapper was trying to report the error.

Applies to

  • Product versions: All

  • OS versions: Windows