EC1004 Could not create temp dir in [dir]: [error detail]

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emake failed to create a temporary directory inside the directory specified in the error message. The text in the error detail provides more information about why the error occurred.


WARNING EC1004: Could not create temp dir in /vobs/cm_tools: Error in mkdir(/vobs/cm_tools/ecloud_tmp_8902_4): Permission denied


emake creates several temporary directories at startup, used for storing build output files during the execution of the build. By default emake will create one temporary directory per emake root, so the files can later be moved to their final location using an efficient rename operation.

This warning indicates that emake was unable to create one of these temporary directories. The error detail provides additional information about the cause of the failure, include the system error message if available. As long as emake is able to successfully create at least one temporary directory it will proceed to run the build, although performance may be negatively impacted. If emake is unable to create any temporary directories it will exit with error code EC1005.


This warning is produced as a result of an interacting with an external entity (the filesystem on the computer where emake was invoked), so the cause of the failure could be just about anything. The error detail in the message should provide guidance as to the cause of the failure, such as Permission denied, indicating that the user the invoked emake does not have write access to the directory.


The resolution for this issue depends on the specific cause of the warning. Possible remedial actions include explicitly changing the temporary directory location via the --emake-tmpdir command-line option, or if that option is already in use, specifying a different directory; or implicitly changing the temporary directory location by changing the emake root setting.