KBEA-Error Code EC1005

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No writable temporary directories are available.

Please specify at least one writable directory with the --emake-tmpdir option or in the EMAKE_TMPDIR environment variable.


As Electric Make (eMake) runs, files generated during the build are written to a temporary location and only moved to their correct final location when eMake determines that the job that produced a file did not have any conflicts. This enables the transactional nature of eMake. Therefore, in order to function correctly, eMake must have a writable location in which to create files. Error EC1005 indicates that no suitable location could be found.


Electric Make attempts to create the temporary directory in several locations, including any location explicitly specified by the user with the --emake-tmpdir command-line option or the EMAKE_TMPDIR environment variable; the current working directory; and the system temp directory. This error appears if all of these locations are not writable by the user running eMake.


Ensure that at least one of the locations enumerated above is writable by the user running eMake, or specify an alternate location using --emake-tmpdir or EMAKE_TMPDIR.