KBEA-Error Code EC1020

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emake displays this error message if it is invoked in local mode , but the --emake-annodetail command-line option has been specified with an annotation detail level that is not supported in local mode.


When running a build locally, without the use of Accelerator agents, emake does not have access to the data needed to enable various annotation detail levels, such as file or history details. In local mode, only basic, env and waiting annotation detail levels are permitted.


The user has specified -``emake-annodetail with an unsupported annotation detail level when invoking emake in local mode (ie, emake is not using Accelerator agents). This error most commonly occurs when the user has forgotten to specify a cluster manager when invoking emake, with either the EMAKE_CM environment variable or the -emake-cm command-line option.


If you intended to invoke emake in local mode, you must remove the invalid detail level from the --emake-annodetail option. The error message indicates which annotation detail level caused the error.

If you did not intend to invoke emake in local mode, ensure that you have specified a cluster manager for emake to use, either by setting the EMAKE_CM environment variable, or by adding the --emake-cm option to your emake command-line.