KBEA-Error Code EC1040

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Ignoring malformed history file: filepath


This warning indicates that the named history file is invalid. The build proceeds as if no history file is available, so the build may run longer than expected due to conflicts, but correctness is unaffected.


The Electric Make (eMake) history file consists of several plain-text sections. Each section begins with a header naming the section and ends with a single blank line. The sections must occur in the correct order: makes , jobs , serial-deps , prereqs , and prereq-deps. Message EC1040 specifically indicates that the jobs section header was missing or did not match the literal text "jobs:".


The best way to eliminate this warning is to generate a new history file by running the build to completion. eMake automatically generates a new, properly formatted history file when the build finishes as long as the --emake-history mode is either merge (the default if nothing is specified) or create.

If the --emake-history mode is read , then eMake does not replace the history file automatically. In that case you must rerun the build with --emake-history set to merge or create.

You may also eliminate this warning by deleting the invalid history file, but you must still generate a new history file for the build in this case.