KBEA-Error Code EC1100

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Command was not A2E_ACK, got \[hex\]


Electric Make (eMake) generates this error when it fails to receive an A2E_ACK message from an agent during the initial connection handshake with that agent.

The handshake consists of several messages, with a few E2A_SYNC/A2E_ACK pairs at specific points during the sequence. One such point is following the E2A_SET_TIME message. eMake sends the sequence E2A_SET_TIME, E2A_SYNC; and it expects the agent to respond with A2E_ACK. This error code indicates that the agent replied with some other command code.


There is no known reason this error code would appear.


If you see this error occur reproducibly, an emake jn debug log and an agent "session trace all" log will be instrumental in diagnosing the problem.