EC1151: ParseJob [job id] failed after 3 attempts

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Despite multiple retries, emake was unable to successfully execute the parse job indicated in the error message.


This error indicates that emake has crashed with an access violation while trying to parse a makefile during a build. Because this can be caused by defects in system libraries, emake will retry any parse jobs that fail in this way, up to three times. If none of these attempts is successful, emake will display error EC1151.


This error may be caused by an improperly configured cluster node; or by a defect in emake.


Take note of the cluster host on which the crash occurred. If the same host consistently produces this failure, consider reimaging that node. If that does not resolve the issue, contact Electric Cloud support at Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • An emake debug log generated with --emake-debug=jn.

  • An emake remote parse debug log generated with --emake-rdebug=jp.

  • The crash dump or core file generated by emake at the time of the failure. Note that this may be found on the cluster node in the bin directory of the ElectricAccelerator installation.

  • The emake version number, from --version.