KBEA-Error Code EC1166

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WARNING EC1166: [signal]


Emake received the terminal signal described by the text of the message. For example, the user may have typed Ctrl-C. Of course, this messsage is NOT printed for signals that cannot be intercepted, such as Unix/Linux SIGKILL.

After printing this message, emake will attempt to perform a controlled shutdown.

This message will be printed only the first time a terminal signal is received. Subsequent terminal signals do not hasten the controlled shutdown, nor do they trigger this message.

ALSO NOTE: This message is only issued in cluster mode. In local mode it would race with other messages, causing ugly interleaving with other build output.


The user or some other agency has sent a terminal signal to the emake process.


If the user did not actually desire to kill their build, then they need to track down who or what sent the signal. The signal description may provide a clue.