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Clock skew between emake and agent is %d ms.


This indicates that the system time on the emake machine is different than the time on the reported agent.


Clocks on computers drift over time, so unless the customer takes precaution to avoid that times will go out of sync over time.

From a correctness perspective, the Accelerator should not be affected by the clock skew. The up to date checks will only use file time stamps. The main reason this is being reported is that customers that use the system clock directly or indirectly (through some third party tool) may experience unexplainable issues.


  1. The customer should consider setting up NTP on all machines. This network service will guarantee consistent time on all machines.

  2. In exclusive mode (only one active build per agent host) the warning will not occur, as the time on the agent is set to the emake machines time at the beginning of the session.

  3. In shared mode (multiple active builds per agent host) the clock skew threshold can be configured in the cluster manager. If there is a need to suppress the warning, a large value for the threshold may help.