KBEA-Error Code EC2124

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There was a problem with a local agent license.


Currently the cluster manager handles agent licensing for cluster agents, but local agents check their own licenses. When emake tries to use a local agent, that local agent checks its license, and if that license is unsatisfactory, then it will respond to emake with this error.

Security Exposure

Local agent license checks occur before the emake client is authenticated. If licensing succeeds then no information is provided to the untrusted emake client, beyond the simple fact that licensing succeeded. License failure errors do provide additional details; however, we have not yet spotted anything sensitive in those details. And of course there is the risk that the license check itself may be buggy in a way that could be exploited; however, because no emake-supplied data are passed into the license check, such a bug would be difficult for an attacker to exploit, and the bug would in any case be triggered by every normal build, increasing the likelihood that it would be discovered.


Licenses can be unsatisfactory in various ways; see the details of the error text for clues as to which license attribute is unsatisfactory.


Provide an adequate license for local agents. In particular it must allow the local agent feature.