EC3101: BuildStopped: Build [build id] was stopped from the cluster manager.

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emake displays this error when the build is stopped via the Cluster Manager.


Error EC3101 indicates that the build identified in the error message was deliberately terminated via the Cluster Manager. This is considered a fatal error: eMake will immediately release all cluster resources, cease executing the build, and exit with exit code 2.


EC3101 will be displayed only if a user explicitly terminates the build via the Cluster Manager. There are two ways a user can terminate the build through the Cluster Manager:

  1. Click the "Stop Build" link for the build, either on the "Builds" tab or on the "Edit Build" page for a running build

  2. Invoke the stopBuild command in cmtool:

cmtool --cm=mycm stopBuild 12345


There is no fix, per se, because this error is only shown in response to an explicit user action.