How to provide large files to the support?

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The support asked you to provide a file which is larger than 20MB. For such large file, you cannot use emails and ZenDesk doesn’t accept them. How can you provide such files?


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In order to provide large files to the support, we created In this application, you will find the list of tickets you have access to (your own and your organizations' tickets) and then upload a file for a selected ticket.

First, you need to log in on the application, using the same method you use to access the portal.

Then, you have the list of tickets that you are supposed to have access to. This means, tickets you created and tickets created on the organizations you belong to.

uploads ticket listing

IMPORTANT: If you don’t find the ticket you are supposed to upload a file to, please make sure it was created in the correct organization in ZenDesk and that your email is part of that organization.

Once you have found the ticket you need to attach files to, you can click on it

uploads ticket details

On this screen, you can see the files which were already uploaded and attached to this ticket. You cannot download them, only CloudBees Employee have access to it.

IMPORTANT: If you need a file to be removed, for security reasons, please say so in the ticket.

By clicking on the Upload a file button, you will be able to select the file you want to upload. The upload process will start right away and you will have a green checkmark if the upload is successful, or a red cross if not.

IMPORTANT: If the upload process fails, please take a HAR right away and attach it to the ticket (through ZenDesk portal) so we can analyze and fix the problem. To take a HAR, please refer to this documentation: