CloudBees CI release notes

CloudBees CI is a fully-featured, cloud native flexible, scalable CI/CD solution that can be hosted on-premise or in the public cloud. It provides a shared, centrally managed, self-service experience for all your development teams.

Please refer to maintenance lifecycle policy to learn which versions of CloudBees CI are currently supported as well as the supported platforms page for the product to learn which platforms are supported.

If you skip versions when you upgrade, refer to previous versions of the release notes for any relevant known issues or upgrade notes. The CloudBees supported platforms and CloudBees maintenance lifecycle policies pages contain additional information about what is supported in this release.

Latest 2.414.2.2 Security release

Released: September 20, 2023

CasC Export should escape variable expressions (BEE-38184)

CasC Export now escapes variable expressions. However, variable expressions are not replaced when imported, unless a new configuration is set as pass thru.

This fix introduces a breaking change and any bundle using the variable resolution will stop working. To continue to use and resolve variables in your bundle, configure your CloudBees CI instance before loading your CasC bundles. To configure your CloudBees CI instance do one of the following:

  • Enable the Enable or disable the variable resolution in the item creation for administrator setting on the System configuration page.

  • Configure the cascItemsConfiguration value in the YAML file.


Released: June 28, 2023

Pod Security Policy removed from Kubernetes 1.25 (BEE-34726)

Pod Security Policy (PSP) was deprecated in Kubernetes 1.21 and removed from Kubernetes 1.25. As an alternative, you can enforce Pod Security Standards by using Pod Security Admission (PSA). Refer to Pod Security Admission for CloudBees CI on modern cloud platforms for more information.

Operations center sign-on (SSO) does not work for controllers connected using WebSocket transport (BEE-37051)

Operations center sign-on (SSO) is not working from controllers connected using WebSocket. An error is displayed when attempting to log in that the public key is missing.


Released: May 31, 2023

CloudBees CasC Server plugin 2.0 upgrade (BEE-32075)

The CloudBees CasC Server plugin 2.0 upgrade introduces bundle branch and tag support. The plugin update changes the folder structure within JENKINS_HOME that stores the Configuration as Code (CasC) for Controllers for controller bundles. Due to the change to this folder structure, your existing bundles must be migrated. For more information on migrating your bundles, refer to Migrating Bundles.

2.387.2.3 Security release

Released: April 5, 2023

Promoted Builds integration removed from the Operations Center Context plugin (BEE-31064)::

The Promoted Builds plugin was removed from the CloudBees Assurance Program (CAP). It was previously integrated with the Operations Center Context plugin.


Released: February 8, 2023

Kubernetes-client upgrade to 6.x (BEE-28247)::

The Java library used to access Kubernetes, fabric8 Kubernetes-client, has been upgraded from 5.x to 6.x.

This new Java library version enables customers to provide CustomResourceDefinitions (CRDs) to the provisioning lifecycle, even if they are not part of the client Java model.

This update has no impact for customers who do not use the YAML field under Advanced configuration on the controller configuration screen in the Operations center. For customers using the YAML field under Advanced configuration, this update has the following impact:

  • apiVersion on a resource being deserialized is now required. This prevents the unintentional parsing of custom types without a registered class as a built-in type of the same name. Refer to kubernetes-client/ at main · fabric8io/kubernetes-client for more technical details about this breaking change.

  • If apiVersion is missing, the controller reprovisioning will fail once the operations center is upgraded until the issue is fixed.

For more information about this upgrade, refer to this knowledge base article, The apiVersion on a resource being deserialized is required after upgrading Kubernetes-client 6.x. The article also contains a script that you can run to check for invalid configurations. The configurations listed in the output of this script should be fixed by providing a valid apiVersion.

If you have questions about this upgrade, contact CloudBees Support for assistance.

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