After using a Windows shared folder to implement HA some icons are missed from Jenkins

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  • After using a Windows shared folder to implement HA some icons are missed from Jenkins.


  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise < jenkins-1.598

  • CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center < jenkins-1.598

  • CloudBees HA plugin


  1. Be sure that in both machines (the one jenkins is running as a service and the one used for the network shared path) you are using the same Windows user. Otherwise, it will not work. If you are using USER_1 to run Jenkins as a service, then in the network shared path windows machine, this USER_1 should also exist with the same password.

  2. The next step I did is to download Jenkins Operation Center/JEbC from this link and I installed it in the machine.

  3. After it was installed I checked that everything was working without using the network share path.

  4. After I checked this, I stopped the service from services. and I customized the following line of $JENKINS_HOME/jenkins.xml

     <env name="JENKINS_HOME" value="\\server\shareddata\"/>

    However, with Jenkins 1.580 there is an issue that we fixed last December related to icons not being displayed due the UNC paths. You can see our pull request fixing this issue in the link below:

    Unfortunately, you still cannot benefit from this fix unless you are running at least jenkins-1.598, but you can create a symbolic link as workaround:

     mklink /d "c:\data\network docs" "\\server\shareddata\"

    Then, to correctly visualize the icons you need to customize that line with:

     <env name="JENKINS_HOME" value="c:\data\network docs"/>
  5. After this, you can start the jenkins service again and see if \\server\shareddata\ was populated with the right information.

  6. If this worked, you can now copy/paste your real JENKINS_HOME you want to migrate into \\server\shareddata\