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While I’m looking in the support bundle I found at the file-descriptors.txt few jar files under this /home/username/.jenkins/cache/jars, what are these jar files?

Who stores them in there as well?

Would that cache increase later on due to node connection, and disconnection?

Can I change the .jenkins directory location?


  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise > 1.596.1.1

  • Jenkins LTS > 1.596.1

  • Jenkins > 1.600

  • SSH Build Agents plugin

  • WMI Windows Agents plugin


The remoting library supports local jar file caching for the efficiency in remote class loading. The cache stores jar files sent by the other side, and identifies jars with MD5 checksums that uniquely identifies its content. This allows the cache to be reused by future channel sessions or other concurrent channel sessions. You can change the .jenkins directory location by passing user.home property to your agent.

agent jvm option user home jnlp
agent jvm option user home ssh