Build agents report Clock Difference not being in sync

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  • Build agents report Clock Difference not being in sync

  • If the clock is not correctly synchronized, you could experience network and authentication issues

  • Build logs report incorrect timestamps


When accessing Manage Jenkins > Manage Node page, or JENKINS_URL/computer it may happen that some nodes are not In sync in the Clock Difference column


In order to fix the time drift issue, we recommend to enable clock synchronization for all Jenkins hosts on your network.


Install and enable NTP service.


sudo yum install ntp


sudo apt-get install ntp

Start the service, and enable NTP to start at boot

sudo systemctl start ntpd
sudo systemctl enable ntpd


Left-click on the time in the bottom-right of the screen, then follow Change date and time settings…​

You can synchronize the clock from the command line, navigate to an elevated command prompt, then enter

net time \\ /set /y



Once you adjust the time on the remote host, validate Clock Difference for the questioned node