Upgrade notes for CloudBees CI March release

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The CloudBees CI release includes the five important changes listed below. The upgrade process from a version minor than should be addressed considering the content of these KB articles.



As a general rule, to avoid any issues related to any of these changes, it is suggested to:

  1. Make sure Beekeeper is configured to upgrade CAP plugins. For this, ensure that the option Manage Jenkins » Beekeeper Upgrade Assistant » CAP Configuration » Allow automatic upgrades of plugins on restart is enabled

  2. Upgrade all the plugins listed under Manage Jenkins » Manage Plugins (Updates tab) except for the cas-plugin.


The cas-plugin must be upgraded at the same time as the instance. This means that once the service is stopped, you will need to download the plugin and manually replace $JENKINS_HOME/plugins/cas-plugin.jpi. For further assistance, please, open a support ticket.

If you follow this simple rule about upgrading all the plugins before addressing the upgrade of the CloudBees CI release, then you will minimize the risk of a failed upgrade. However, there are still some plugins which are known to be incompatible, or whose status is unknown. Therefore, some of the KBs contains Groovy scripts, to be executed under Manage Jenkins » Script Console, which will give a full picture about what might fail in case you upgrade. Most of the incompatible plugins have not been fixed because are not maintained at this moment.

CloudBees provides Assisted Updates for further guidance in case you are not used to upgrade your instances.

In case of any question about this upgrade, don’t hesitate to open a support case and ask for help.