How People is managed by Jenkins?

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The "People" link is not "users who can log in" but rather "people who have contributed to changes to source control which Jenkins pipelines included in current view has built". The only exception to this is that the root "People" link also includes all "users" that have been created by Jenkins (which could be as a result of user login or as a result of a plugin recording an external action by some "person").

As such, people can include:

  • Some people from outside your organization, e.g., if you are tracking an open source project, then all the committers to that open source project will show up in your "People" view because their commits will be in the source control history.

  • If you are using an SCM where people can choose their own "committer id", e.g., Git, then it is up to the people to set the correct values in git config and git config, otherwise a new User record will be added to People.

  • If you are using an SCM where the user name for that SCM differs from the user name users use to log in to Jenkins, then those SCM usernames will show up also.

  • If you have a plugin that captures external events and attributes those events to "People", it may be creating new "people" using whatever IDs it has captured.