How to embed html report in email body using Email-ext plugin?

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How do I email a html report generated in a job build (located in workspace) in an email notification?

I also want to ensure that the html report is embedded in the email body.



In Post-build actions - Editable Email Notification

  • Ensure Content Type is set to html.

  • In Default Content add ${FILE,path="my.html"}. Replace my.html with your html file. Path is workspace relative.

Alternatively, if you are interested in embedding an html file in an email’s body using a pipeline, you can use as a reference the contents of stage('Email') listed below. The stage('Writing html file') has been included in the example for completeness. It is used to generate a simple html file and give you the opportunity of testing the code snippet as is.

node {
        stage('Writing html file')
        sh 'echo "<html>" >> myfile.html'
        sh 'echo "<header><title> This is the title</title></header>" >> myfile.html'
        sh 'echo "<body> how do you do? </body>" >> myfile.html'
        sh 'echo "</html>" >> myfile.html'
        sh 'ls -al myfile.html'
        sh 'head -1 myfile.html'
        env.ForEmailPlugin = env.WORKSPACE
        emailext mimeType: 'text/html',
        body: '${FILE, path="myfile.html"}',
        subject: currentBuild.currentResult + " : " + env.JOB_NAME,
        to: ''