How to Filter Branches from webhooks in Multibranch Jobs?

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  • How can I include or exclude certain branches from webhooks in a multibranch job.

  • Can I ignore changes from older tags?


The Basic Branch Build Strategies Plugin adds a new Build strategies option. The plugin supports both Multibranch projects and Organization Folders.


In the following example, we are going to configure a job to exclude all webhooks except from a certain branch:

  1. After installing the plugin, a new dropdown option named Build strategies will appear in the job configuration.

  2. Click the add button and choose Named branches from the available options.

  3. To exclude all webhooks except for a certain branch, use the Exact name option. Use wildcard or regular expressions for more complex filtering.

Refer to the plugin home page if you are interested in other build strategies such as ignoring older tags.