How to trace git connections?

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  • Our git connections are failing but the error does not give enough information

  • We need to see the process to connect to our git server


Command line git debug output can be enabled with environment variables:

GIT_SSH_COMMAND="ssh -vvv"

Depending on where the git error is happening, these environment variables can be job parameters, or agent environment variables, or for checkout issues on the controller, set them under Manage Jenkins -> Cofigure System -> Global properties -> Environment variables. When these varables are set, git will show more details of the ssh/http/https operations performed by git.

In some cases you may want to temporarily disable the verification of SSL certificates. We recommend that you do not disable SSL certificate verification permanently. Without SSL certificate verification, your git client is vulnerable to "man in the middle" attacks. Command line git ssl verification can be disabled by the environment variable: