How to Upload a file in a Pipeline

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  • How can I upload a file in a Pipeline?


Waiting for JENKINS-27413 to be fixed, uploading a file in a Pipeline involves manually copying the file from the controller to the agent.

The following sample will:

  • ask the end user for the file (it is assumed that it is an archive)

  • copy it on the agent

  • prove that the file is visible on the agent

  • archive it back to the master

// assuming you wish to upload a zip archive def uploadedFile = '' //file is uploaded to $JENKINS_HOME/$PATH_TO_THE_JOB/build/$BUILD_ID def controllerFilePath = input message: 'Upload your archive', parameters: [file(description: 'archive', name: uploadedFile)] node('agent') { stage('Copy From controller') { def localFile = getContext(hudson.FilePath).child(uploadedFile) localFile.copyFrom(controllerFilePath) sh 'ls -al' archiveArtifacts uploadedFile } }

Note that, for this to work you will have to approve two methods in the script approval screen.

Tested product/plugin versions

  • Jenkins 2.190