I cannot access my jobs after the restart or upgrade (hudson.model.Run.getIDFormatter()Ljava.text.DateFormat;)

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After the restart to apply the upgrade of the Jenkins instance, it is not possible to access the job page.

Any job page is displaying this message:

javax.servlet.ServletException: org.apache.commons.jelly.JellyTagException:jar:file:${JENKINS_WAR_FILEPATH}/WEB-INF/lib/jenkins-core-1.609.1.2.jar!/lib/hudson/project/projectActionFloatingBox.jelly:38:74: <st:include> hudson.model.Run.getIDFormatter()Ljava/text/DateFormat;



Reported as JENKINS-26508 you have to install a version superior or equal of the disk usage plugin 0.25

Go to $JENKINS_URL/pluginManager, find the disk-usage line, select it and hit the Download now and install after restart button.

Once the instance is back online, you will be able to browse your jobs as before.