Inject credentials in a builder template

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This article shows you how to inject credentials into a builder template.

1. Create a credential with the username/password option.


2. Create a builder template

New Item->Builder Template

Now, let’s create an attribute:


After this, I configured the transformer as following:


3. Create free style job using this build template

New Item->Freestyle project

Then, in the build section you need to add the build-template you have created as a build step.


4. Finally build and you should get an output like this one:

Started by user admin
Building in workspace /Users/Felix/CloudBees/jenkins-test/1.580.2.1/jenkins\_home/jobs/builder-job/workspace
\[workspace\] $ /bin/sh -e /var/folders/pb/jd1lfm8x2f91s0htlm2zvsmh0000gn/T/
credential: myusername2/mypassword2
Finished: SUCCESS

Groovy Script:

zeUserName = mycredential.username
zePassword = mycredential.password

Shell Script:

echo "credential: $zeUserName/$zePassword"