What is a CloudBees Instance ID and how do I find it?

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  • What is my instance id?

  • How do I find my instance id?

  • How do I register my instance?


Instance IDs are required to generate licenses for CloudBees Core, CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, CloudBees Jenkins Platform, and CloudBees Jenkins Distribution.

Scenario 1 - a fresh installation
  1. Go to your controller’s web UI at https://$JENKINS_URL (you may need to add :8080, :8888, :9090 or other port values to the end of the URL, depending which port is being used):

    Since this is a fresh installation, you’ll see the following registration screen:

  2. Click on the "Use a license key" option (as shown above). The top-most field will contain your controller’s instance ID. Copy this value, and paste it into your onboarding case.

Please also include information as to what kind of controller this instance ID will be (CloudBees Core, CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center, or CloudBees Jenkins Distribution).

Scenario 2 - You’re renewing your license

If you’re an existing customer you’re likely here to simply provide us with an instance id for your renewal!

Simply go to https://$JENKINS_URL/license to find your instance id.


Simply go to https://$JENKINS_URL/script and enter jenkins.model.Jenkins.instance.getLegacyInstanceId() to find your instance id.

Scenario 3 - You need the id of a non running instance

The instance id is the md5 sum of the secret.key file. Assuming you have md5sum installed, you can run md5sum ${JENKINS_HOME}/secret.key.