Why credentials are not listed in the GIT SCM section?

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  • When I am creating a Freestyle or Maven Job, and I select the Git SCM configuration section, the credentials dropdown is empty. If I check other SCM section like SVN, I can load the credentials correctly.


This is a known issue affecting different Jenkins versions as well as Git Plugin versions. And it happens in environments where you have installed the Authorize Project Plugin and you configure it as shown below:

  • Manage Jenkins-> Configure Global Security-> Project default build Authorization section:

  • I have selected anonymous as the user under which I will run the build

  • I have selected to run builds as a specific user:

In order to get access to the credentials list, you should enable any of the other authorization types at the Configure Global Security level: SYSTEM or the user who triggered the build.

Once that you change the settings to the ones mentioned, you will get the credentials list back in your jobs.