Is it possible to change the password to the credentials used while authenticating using the manual mode in the TFVC section of a job?

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  • There can be situations where you will need to change periodically the password for a credential used while authenticatin in manual mode in the Team Foundation Version Control section of a job. This will most likely happen when your security policies recommend these passwords to be rotated periodically.

  • Is it possible to script this change?


In order to satisfy the requirement of this use case there are two approaches:

  • Change the Team Foundation Version Control type to GIT, as explained in this article. Once that you choose a Git version control type repository, you will be able to use Jenkins credentials, hence you will have scripted ways to do this such as this script.

  • The other option would be to use the script below to change the credentials for a given job. It would be relatively easy to tweak this script to affect a list of jobs or a set of jobs satisfying a condition:

def jobName="[your job name]"

// getting the job Object
def myJob= Jenkins.instance.getItemByFullName(jobName)

//Accessing the SCM object for the job
def scm = myJob.getScm()

//If the job is configured to use this specific Credential Configurer class
if(scm!=null && (scm.getCredentialsConfigurer() instanceof hudson.plugins.tfs.model.ManualCredentialsConfigurer)){

//Resetting the password to the Manual Credentials configurer
scm.password= new hudson.util.Secret("[new pass]")

  println "You have set the password of "+ jobName + " to :"+scm.password