Controllers not accessible after Upgrading past when using CloudBees CI with platform EKS

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  • I have deployed CloudBees CI in EKS with .OperationsCenter.platform="eks" and using the AWS Load Balancer Ingress Controller

  • After upgrading to and stopping / starting the Controllers, I cannot access them anymore. They are unresponsive at $CONTROLLER_URL/operations-center-sso-navigate/?from=$CONTROLLER_PATH.


Starting from version of CloudBees CI, Controller ingresses are using the if supported by the underlying cluster. Instead of using 2 rules per controller /<controllerName>/ and /<controllerName>/*, it now uses a single rule on /<controllerName>/ with Prefix as pathType.

However, the Ingress API version is only supported by the AWS Load Balancer Controller since version 2.2.0. In earlier version, the single rule is not interpreted as a prefix but as an exact match and any access to /<controllerName>/* is not forwarded.


Upgrade the AWS Load Balancer Controller to version 2.2.0 or later