Helm install of CloudBees CI (CloudBees Core) fails with incompatible type of comparison

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  • I have an issue when installing / upgrading CloudBees Core from the cloudbees/cloudbees-core helm chart:

Error: render error in "cloudbees-core/templates/cjoc-statefulset.yaml": template: cloudbees-core/templates/cjoc-statefulset.yaml:119:24: executing "cloudbees-core/templates/cjoc-statefulset.yaml" at <eq .Values.OperationsCenter.RunAsUser 0.0>: error calling eq: incompatible types for comparison


There is a known issue helm issue #6708 introduced in Helm / Tiller 2.15.0 that causes template generation to fail when comparing numeric value types. This issue has been fixed in Helm / Tiller 2.15.1.

The solution is to:

  • Upgrade helm (client) to version 2.15.1 or later (the method depends on how it is installed)

  • Upgrade tiller (server) with helm init --upgrade