How to delete a terminating managed controller pod

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  • Managed controller pod stuck as Terminating after getting deleted

  • Unable to delete a terminating managed controller pod


Running kubectl delete pod mm1-0 command was not throwing any error, but did not delete the managed controller pod. The pod is stuck as Terminating for a long time after getting deleted. The list of pods looks similar to the one below

NAME                       READY    STATUS             RESTARTS   AGE
cjoc-0                     1/1      Running            2          5d8h
default-java-29tkm         0/1      Completed          0          10d
mm1-0                      0/1      Terminating        5          2d8h


Force delete a pod, using --force option to delete a terminating pod. Run

kubectl delete pod mm1-0 --grace-period=0 --force

where mm1-0 is the name of the terminating managed controller pod. The same approach applies on an Operations Center terminating pod, often named as cjoc-0.